Making Family Living Better…By Making Better Homes

The Prestige has been conceived, designed and developed by some of the industry’s most reputable companies that specialize in constructing family-friendly homes and are renowned for their unyielding commitment to excellence.

Developer: The Pine Home Corp. has distinguished itself as one of the region’s premier contracting companies. Noted for their high levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail, The Pine Home Corp. has worked on numerous notable projects throughout the Northeast region.

Architect: The Prestige boasts a striking style and architecturally-advanced layout created by Advanced Building Design, an award-winning architectural and planning firm situated in Rockland County which has been at the forefront of many prominent residential and commercial development projects.

Engineer: A prominent engineering firm with nearly four-decades of experience, Leonard Jackson Associates has utilized their extensive expertise to provide The Prestige with advanced engineering and site-development services that comply with Federal, State and County requirements.

In all, The Prestige was created to meet the needs and expectations of today’s growing families – one home at a time.

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